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Your content, Services, and Ideas
with your fellow physicians

for FREE!

How we help you

We bring physicians together

CONNECT the dots between physicians looking for resources (“seekers”) and those who provide resources to physicians (“influencers”)

DIRECT more physicians and trainees to your website and/or your social media platform of choice


ORGANIZE the variety coaches and bloggers and present them in a searchable archive


PEER SUPPORT is where its at.

Who understand physicians more than other physicians?


Designed with physician content creators in mind

  1. Boosting organic TRAFFIC to your site
  2. Offering you the opportunity of EVERGREEN content
  3. Providing a platform that is INDEPENDENT of social media
  4. Saving you MONEY (no membership fees)

Why we need you

There's no Archive without Influencers

WE BELIEVE enough tools currently exist for physicians to help each other NOW.

We aim to PRESENT the full range of options and voices to physicians and trainees.

We rely the DIVERSITY and DEPTH of experience of current physicians and trainees.

It's easy to share!

1. What do you have to offer?

A physician entrepreneur might have a podcast (1) as well as a Facebook group (2), a course (3), and a book (4).

Each of these four listings is entered SEPARATELY in the archive.

2. What KIND of listing do you have?

SERVICE e.g., consultant practice or coaching program

BLOGS/PODS e.g., blogs, vlogs, and podcasts which you host or are you were featured 

NETWORKS e.g., Facebook group, mastermind or membership group

BOOKS/LIT = e.g. published article or book, or informational website

3. Which category and tags are the best match?

Do your best to select the ONE category and TWO tags that best describe your listing.


PRO TIP: If you have multiple listings, increase your visibility by selecting more than one set of categories and tags.

4. Add social media links

Each listing can have its own social media links, independent of the individual owner of the listing.

5. Share your personal details, or not.

As the Influencer you can elect to give your name, or not.

You may share your own social media links, or not.

Ready to begin?

Start with just 4 things:

  1. Listing name 
  2. Listing web address 
  3. Name of organization or individual responsible for the Listing
  4. Email associated with the Listing (remains private, required for internal verification only)

You can also add...

  • One image/logo of LISTING (as an URL)
  • Description of the LISTING (max 1999 char)
  • Social media links of the LISTING
  • One image/logo of the INFLUENCER (as an URL)
  • Description of the INFLUENCER (max  1999 char)
  • Social media links of the INFLUENCER

It's Early Days at the Archive!

Summer 2021 (beta 1.0):

  • Links to each listing, its social media, and its owner (if publicly available)
  • ONE category available: Coaching

Winter 2021 (beta 2.0):

  • Users can suggest listings to be added to the archive
  • Influencers can update their own listings

2022 (official launch):

  • Fully searchable, interactive archive with all TEN categories


The Physician Project LLC does not provide personal coaching or individual consultations. The information compiled on this site is for general informational and educational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for professional advice of any kind.


No conflict of interest. The Physician Project LLC does not participate in any affiliate programs and does NOT receive any financial incentive or reward for listing influencers on the site. The only intended revenue source is advertising which will be clearly labelled as such.


Connect to outside sites at your own risk. The Physician Project LLC does not endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by third-party websites linked through the site or any website or feature linked in any banner or other advertising. The links might be outdated or broken.


Good faith attempt at accuracy. The Physician Project LLC has compiled information about listings and their owners, and has assigned a category and two tags to each listing. This information was gathered from public sources and represents a good faith effort to provide a comprehensive and organized directory of resources to physicians and physicians-in-training.

Link to all policies.