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Do you feel respected at work?

Is this the career you hoped for?

Are you simply surviving each day?

There’s no shame in contemplating career change.

Prepare and equip yourself for your next step.

Have you achieved work life integration as a physician?

How did you get your side-gig started?

What’s your best advice to future physicians?

Physicians are uniquely equipped to help each other.

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The Physician Project exists to connect, inform, and empower physicians and physicians-in-training.


The Physician Project is designed for medical (MD/DO) trainees and graduates in the United States.


Our target audience is doctors who are:

  • dissatisfied with the status quo,
  • curious to explore new options, and/or
  • seeking support in navigating transitions in their careers.


The Physician Project strives for the day when the training, the culture, and the delivery of medical care are no longer detrimental to the health and well-being of physicians.


Until that day arrives, we want every physician and physician-in-training to know exactly where to go to find the inspiration, the advice, and the community that they desire.