Leverage & Growth Summit FANS

I took the liberty of ADDING YOU to my collection of resources for physicians and by physicians. I invite you to EDIT your information in The Physician Project, a curated collection of physician-owned* and physician-oriented resources, that I started in 2020.

I’ve been so energized by the Leverage & Growth Summits hosted by Dr. Peter Kim with PASSIVE INCOME MD. Year after year, physician entrepreneurs have mentored us remotely and generously shared their pearls of wisdom, for free. During my fourth summit, I scribbled dozens of pages of notes as fast as I did during med school!

I also took note of my fellow physicians who have developed new ventures of their own and shared them in the Facebook group chat. That’s how I found your name.

One of your coaching services, courses, or blogs already has its own page on THE PHYSICIAN PROJECT. I did my best to summarize one of the products/services that you offer. Please excuse any errors or mischaracterizations and please CORRECT them (instructions below under “Next Steps”).

I hope you will add EACH of your products, services, blogs, and conferences to The Physician Project using the SHARE page.

And please contact me if you wish to OPT-OUT of The Physician Project. 

Since 2011, I have been collecting career resources for doctors. Initially, I intended to supplement my own clinical career with nonclinical activities, but the pursuit of these resources became my passion. For over a decade I have shared these resources with my friends and colleagues, and now I want to share them formally.

Collecting hundreds of physician-friendly treasures convinced me that we physicians have a connection that transcends specialty, geography, generation, and social media preference. We physicians are uniquely equipped to help each other, but we lack the means.

In March 2020, I started The Physician Project to CONDENSE THE ONLINE WORLD OF PHYSICIAN-ORIENTED CONTENT. Physicians who want career advice (“seekers”) and physicians who provide this advice and more (“influencers”) are equally important to me. The Physician Project is FREE for seekers and influencers. I plan for ADVERTISING to sustain the website.  

If you’d like to learn MORE ABOUT ME and my motivation you are welcome to read my “manifesto.”

Google isn’t enough for physician seekers. What do we search for when we don’t know what we want? Drowning in clinical and family responsibilities, our imagination is limited. The Physician Project seeks to impress upon physician seekers with the abundance and variety of activities CREATED BY THEIR PHYSICIAN PEERS. 

Google isn’t enough for physician influencers either. It takes time and money to generate the SEO needed to land on the first page of search engines. Each physician influencer should instead be able to focus on their own product/service. 

Social media platforms are algorithm-dependent and are increasingly antagonistic to content creators.

Containing more than career advice, The Physician Project allows physicians to browse SERVICES, BOOKS/LITERATURE, NETWORKS, BLOGS/PODCASTS, and PHYSICIAN-MADE PRODUCTS of interest to physicians. Because it is arranged by categories and topics, curious physicians simply scroll to discover a multitude of resources for physicians and by physicians. 

The Physician Project is designed to empower physician influencers. 

  • You and each of your businesses, blogs, or side-hustles is highlighted on its OWN PAGE.
  • YOU DECIDE what you share about yourself and about your products/services.
  • You direct users to your preferred SOCIAL MEDIA accounts.

The Physician Project is designed to amplify the voice of ALL physician influencers. 

  • New and established physician entrepreneurs are featured SIDE-BY-SIDE. 
  • CONTENT RULES, not marketing. Physicians browse by category and topic, uninfluenced by advertising budgets or algorithms.
  • TRIPLE EXPOSURE means that each listing can be found in three different ways – by its one category and two topics. A financial blog might be listed in the FINANCIAL category as well as in the FAMILY and REAL ESTATE topics. 

Please review and CORRECT the existing information on your LISTING and INFLUENCER pages.

Required information on each LISTING PAGE includes the listing name, listing owner, and taxonomy of the listing (kind, category, and two topics). An email is also required for verification purposes, but is NOT shared with the public.

Social media links and a description (499 characters including spaces) are OPTIONAL. 

To EDIT your existing LISTING page:

  1. Locate your Listing page, SAMPLE here.
  2. Scroll down to the gray section called “IS THIS YOURS?” 
  3. Enter your email and EDIT the LISTING information as needed. 
  4. Your edit will be reviewed. You will be notified by email when your edit is published.

To EDIT your existing INFLUENCER page:

  1. Locate your Influencer page, SAMPLE here.
  2. Scroll down to the gray section called “IS THIS YOURS?” 
  3. Enter your email and EDIT the INFLUENCER information as needed. 
  4. Your edit will be reviewed. You will be notified by email when your edit is published.


My goal is to showcase the existing physician-owned* products and services that can BENEFIT PHYSICIANS and trainees.

THANK YOU for partnering with me to provide accurate and comprehensive information to our physician peers.

Carmen J. Holmes, MD

* Many, but not all, listings in The Physician Project are owned or operated by physicians.

The Physician Project LLC does not provide personal coaching or individual consultations. The information compiled on this website is for general informational and educational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for professional advice of any kind.

No conflict of interest. The Physician Project LLC does NOT receive any financial incentive or reward for listing influencers on the site. The intended revenue source of this website is advertising. Sponsored ads are currently labeled “Advertisement.”

Connect to outside sites at your own risk. The Physician Project LLC does not endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by third-party websites linked through the site or any website or feature linked in any banner or other advertising. The external links might be outdated or broken.

Good faith attempts at accuracy. The Physician Project LLC has compiled information about listings and their owners, and has assigned a category and two topics to each listing. This information was gathered from public sources and represents a good faith effort to provide a comprehensive and organized directory of resources to physicians and physicians-in-training.