Special Invitation!

Leverage and Growth 2023 fans

I was so energized by the Leverage and Growth Summit 2023, hosted by Dr. Peter Kim with Passive Income MD. This was my third summit, and I scribbled pages of notes as the fan of all things “pro-physician” that I am. I saw your name in the LGS Facebook group, and took the liberty of ADDING YOU to my database.  

I invite you to EDIT this information in the database of physician owned and physician-oriented resources that I have created, called The Physician Project. 

Since 2020, I have added 200+ listings to The Physician Project. ONE of your coaching services, courses, or blogs is in this first round of listings which I call the “legacies.” After The Physician Project launches (aiming for Autumn 2023), influencers will ADD THEIR OWN listings on the SHARE page.

I did my best to summarize ONE of the products or services that you offer. Please excuse any errors or mischaracterizations and please CORRECT them (instructions below).   

And PLEASE, contact me if you wish to OPT-OUT of The Physician Project. 

Since 2011, I have been collecting career resources for doctors. Initially, I intended to supplement my own clinical career with nonclinical activities, but the pursuit of these resources became my passion. Amassing hundreds of physician-friendly treasures convinced me that WE PHYSICIANS HAVE A CONNECTION that transcends specialty, geography, generation, and social media preference.  

We are uniquely equipped to help each other but we lack the means. In March 2020, I started The Physician Project to CONDENSE THE ONLINE WORLD OF PHYSICIAN-ORIENTED CONTENT. Physicians who want career advice (“seekers”) and physicians who provide these services (“influencers”) are equally important to me. The Physician Project is FREE for seekers and influencers. Advertising will sustain the website.  

If you’d like to know MORE ABOUT ME.

What do you search for when you don’t know what you want? When we are drowning in clinical responsibilities, our imagination is limited. The Physician Project seeks to impress physician seekers with the abundance and variety of activities of their PHYSICIAN PEERS. 

Containing more than career advice, The Physician Project presents SERVICES, BOOKS/LITERATURE, NETWORKS, BLOGS/PODCASTS, and PHYSICIAN-MADE PRODUCTS of interest to physicians. After selecting categories/topics, physicians simply scroll to discover relevant resources. 

Each influencer can have up to 10 listings (for now). The Physician Project is essentially two databases, one of listings and a second of influencers. For example, Dr. ABC might have a retreat, a book, and a podcast. Each of these three entities is considered a separate listing with its own webpage. Additionally, Dr. ABC is assigned their own influencer page. 

Each listing and each influencer has its own optional description and social media links. Influencers can decide whether to include their PERSONAL social media links or not. 

Physicians can BROWSE by category or topic to find listings on the LEARN page.

Please REVIEW AND CORRECT the existing information related to your listing in The Physician Project. Required information includes the name, owner, and taxonomy of the listing (kind, category, and two topics). Social media links and a description (499 characters including spaces) are OPTIONAL. 

To EDIT your existing listing, 

  1. Locate your Listing page.
  1. Scroll down to the section called “IS THIS YOURS?” 
  1. Enter your email and EDIT the information. 

After updating your LISTING page, you can go to your assigned INFLUENCER page and make corrections there, too. 


My goal is to showcase the physician-owned products and services that can BENEFIT PHYSICIANS and trainees.

THANK YOU for partnering with me to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information possible to our peers.

* Many, but not all, listings in The Physician Project are owned or operated by physicians.