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Do you have content you’d like to share with your fellow physicians?

Any existing influencer can volunteer a guest blog, FREE of charge.

View a sample volunteer blog HERE.

Volunteer blogs are featured by CATEGORY & TOPIC. See how a sample blog appear on the TECH page.

Volunteer blogs can also be viewed on the INFLUENCER pages of the author. See a sample HERE.


1. Go to your INFLUENCER page (SAMPLE)

2. Scroll down to “IS THIS YOURS?”

3. Select VOLUNTEER a Guest Blog

4. Use the LISTING EMAIL that you supplied when adding your listing(s) to The Physician Project

5. COMPLETE the form


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Blog Image: Allow The Physician Project to copy and use the featured image found at the blog URL, or not.

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Decide if you agree with the following:

1. You (the blog author) VOLUNTEER to share your content with The Physician Project LLC. If posted on thephysician.project.com, this blog will be attributed to YOU.

2. You confirm that this blog contains only your OWN ideas and words.

3. You understand that the addition of your content to thephysicianproject.com is NOT guaranteed.

4. You understand that IF this content is accepted, it may be posted at the discretion of the administrator on the domain, thephysicianproject.com.

5. You understand that the administrator of thephysicianproject.com may REMOVE this content from the website without notice.

6. You understand that you may request that your content be removed from thephysicianproject.com and your request WILL be honored.


Each guest blog template has advertising space included.

Any influencer or sponsor may pay to ADVERTISE on the guest blog page of their choice. (Fee scheduled to be determined.)

THANKS IN ADVANCE for sharing your content with THE PHYSICIAN PROJECT.

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