As an MD, I know the American medical system is broken, and it’s hurting both patients and healthcare workers.

Patients deserve healthy doctors, and we deserve to be happy and fulfilled in our lives and our careers.

Some physicians feel frustrated and trapped, while others have invented creative options for themselves.

These physicians should meet!

This website aims to point physicians with questions toward physicians with ideas in an organized and interactive way.

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Thought about quitting medicine?

Feel like a cog in the wheel of Big Medicine?

Want to thrive as a person first and physician second?


How have you achieved work-life balance?

Which “side-gigs” are ideal for practicing physicians?

What are other doctors doing to improve healthcare in America?

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The Physician Project exists to connect, inform, and empower physicians and physicians-in-training.

The Physician Project is designed for medical  trainees and graduates (MD/DO) in the US. Our target audience is:

DOCTORS who are

  • dissatisfied with the status quo
  • curious to explore new options and/or
  • seeking support in navigating transitions in their careers


The Physician Project strives for the day when the training, the culture, and the delivery of medical care are no longer detrimental to the health and well-being of physicians.

Until that day arrives, we want every physician and physician-in-training to know exactly where to go to find the inspiration, the advice, and the community that they desire.


where physicians inspire each other