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where physicians inspire each other


Your Content, Services, and Ideas with your Fellow Physicians

What is The Physician Project?

Bringing physicians together

We CONNECT the dots between physicians looking for career-related resources (“seekers”) and those providing those resources to physicians (“influencers”)

We ORGANIZE the array of physicians influencers and PRESENT them in a searchable archive

Designed for physician content creators

1.  We aim to boost TRAFFIC to your site

2.  We offer the opportunity for EVERGREEN content

3.  We provide a platform INDEPENDENT of social media

4.  We are FREE (only ads cost money)

Am I an influencer?

Wanted: Physician Influencers

We RELY on physicians who want to inspire other physicians

We BELIEVE in the tools that currently exist for physicians and by physicians.

We VALUE breadth and depth, beyond the first page of search engines

How can I help?

What do you do FOR physicians?

A physician entrepreneur might have a podcast, a social media group, a course, and a book.


Each of these FOUR items is listed SEPARATELY.

What KIND of Listing do you have?


Course, consulting practice, etc.


Blogs, vlogs, and podcasts (as host or guest)


Peer-to-peer or membership groups


Published article, website, or book


Decide which ONE category and TWO topics *best* describe your listing.

Add social media links

LINK to your favorite platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Locals

LINK to your existing profiles on:

Include your personal details, or not.

Include your contact info, or not.

Share your personal social media links, or not.

Sign me up!

Start with the basics

NAME of Listing 

URL of  Listing 

Name of INDIVIDUAL (or organization) responsible for the Listing

EMAIL associated with the Listing (remains PRIVATE, required for internal verification)

Select the Kind, Category, and Topics that come closest to describing your Listing

Suggest your Listing


Once your listing is accepted, you can...

Boost your Listing

Add details about the Listing

One image/logo of LISTING (URL)

Description of the LISTING (max 1999 char)

Social media links of the LISTING

Augment your Influencer page

Consider adding details about you, the Influencer

One image/logo of the INFLUENCER (URL)

Description of the INFLUENCER (max  1999 char)

Social media links of the INFLUENCER


Winter 2021

Links to each listing, its social media, and its owner (if publicly available)

ONE category available: Coaching

Summer 2022

All TEN categories available

Existing influencers invited to update their listings

Winter 2022 (official launch)

New influencers invited to add their listings


The Physician Project LLC does not provide personal coaching or individual consultations. The information compiled on this website is for general informational and educational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for professional advice of any kind.


No conflict of interest. The Physician Project LLC does NOT receive any financial incentive or reward for listing influencers on the site. The intended revenue source of this website is advertising. Sponsored ads will be clearly identified and will likely appear in the sections temporarily labeled “Advertise Here”.


Connect to outside sites at your own risk. The Physician Project LLC does not endorse, guarantee, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of any information offered by third-party websites linked through the site or any website or feature linked in any banner or other advertising. The external links might be outdated or broken.


Good faith attempt at accuracy. The Physician Project LLC has compiled information about listings and their owners, and has assigned a category and two tags to each listing. This information was gathered from public sources and represents a good faith effort to provide a comprehensive and organized directory of resources to physicians and physicians-in-training.

Link to all policies.